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1 Day Women’s Workshop

Our Women’s Self-Defense Workshops have been created to be a source of empowerment as we address realistic situations with a hands-on approach.


Ladies Awareness, Confidence & Empowerment

2 Hour Women’s Workshop – L.A.C.E

Ladies Awareness, Confidence & Empowerment – “A Girls Guide to Kicking Butt!”

This consolidated 2 Hour Workshop is designed for those who can’t commit to a 1 Day Workshop while still addressing common self-defense situations.


Disarming Workshop

2-Day Disarming Workshop

This 2 Day Disarming Workshop is designed to teach the most effective skill and mindset, as well as situational awareness to identify and disarm an armed attacker at close-quarter range.


Private Sessions

At SMSD We are willing to customize a program to Accommodate your busy lifestyle to offer you the same empowerment as our regular programs on your own schedule. Contact us to find out more.

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