2-Day Disarming Workshop

Available to Men & Women 16 and up.

Disarming Workshop

Hosted by Israeli Krav Maga Association

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October 6th @ 10am – 4pm

October 7th @ 10am – 4pm

$80 – per day or both for $140

Limited Number of Tickets available

Registration & Payment (Pre-Pay Only) by October 1st before they are all gone!

at Smoky Mountain Self-Defense

(865) 977-7837

Whether you’re armed with a firearm, knife, or some other personal protection device…. if you cant effectively get to it, deploy and use it to save your life or someone elses… your not opperating at a “Realistic” level

This 2 Day Disarming Workshop will provide you with situational awareness, physical reaction skills, and the mindset to effectively “shut down” an armed attacker and not “freeze up”.

Don’t buy into the myth or false sense of security that carrying a gun is a “go to” or “fix all” for every situation. Several armed individuals have been killed while trying to access their own firearm by not being able to access it quick enough or wrestling the attacker for it. To be at your highest operative level, balance yourself with both armed and un-armed reality based self-defense training.

This 2 Day Disarming Workshop will be taught by Don Melnick, Senior Instructor (Israeli Krav Maga)

*For more information about Don Melnick and The Israli Krav Maga Association – go to www.israelikrav.com

Shield yourself against violence utilizing instincts, common sense, and controlled ferocious counter violence when necessary.

Because not all Krav Maga is the same…®

October 6th

Day One Covers: Stick & Knife Disarming
Lunch included (Box Lunch) – Club Sandwiches

October 7th

Day Two Covers: Handgun & Rifle/Shotgun Disarming
Lunch Included (Pizza Buffet) – Dominos Pizza

To register, fill out the registration form and prepay below


  • leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants, comfortable jeans or gym shorts
  • t-shirts with sleeves (long or short)
  • tennis shoes or sneakers
  • ponytail holders
  • bottled water provided


  • No tank tops or cut offs. Please.
  • jewelry, watches, earrings or facial peircings (only smooth wedding bands or medical alert allowed)
  • crocks, sandles, slides, house shoes or other open toe shoes
  • boots
  • pocket knives or fire arms on person during training (we have lockers on site, bring your own lock if needed)


Smoky Mountain Self-Defense is the official representative of (IKMA) Israeli Krav Maga Association in East Tennessee

For more information about Israeli Krav Maga vist israelikrav.com

Real Defense for the Real World