Low Impact Self-Defense

Starting Saturday, September 7th from 9-10am, right after our 8-9am Mobility Class. This Course is Low Impact, and easy to learn, yet Effective and is designed for the 50+ crowd, or those who might have some mobility, breathing, balance, re-accruing injuries, or other limitations that might prevent them from participating at an “Operative Level” in our other programs.

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3 Hour Women’s Workshop – L.A.C.E

This consolidated 3 Hour Workshop is designed for those who can’t commit to a 1 Day Workshop while still addressing common self-defense situations.

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Private Sessions

At SMSD We are willing to customize a program to Accommodate your busy lifestyle to offer you the same empowerment as our regular programs on your own schedule. Contact us to find out more.

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In January 2016, the staff and community around Smoky Mountain Self-Defense started the No More Victims Foundation, Inc., a Tennessee 501c3. It's mission, to offer an effective skillset and mindset to kids, teens, and adults that will provide the ability to identify, avoid and survive VIOLENCE.

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