Ladies Awareness, Confidence & Empowerment

Hosted by Israeli Krav Maga Association

10:00 am – 1:00 pm March 7th, 2020

Women ages 13 and up.
Individual Tickets are $40 each

Limited Number of Tickets available

Smoky Mountain Self-Defense
2642 US Hwy. 411 South
Maryville, TN 37801

(865) 977-7837

Ladies’ Awareness, Confidence & Empowerment – “A Girls Guide to Kicking Butt!”

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Our specialized Women’s Self-Defense program – L.A.C.E. – has been designed to prepare women both physically and mentally, to react and defend themselves if ever put in a real life-threatening situation. The training covers a wide variety of scenarios both inside and outside (vehicles, dark parking lot, etc.) The women who attend these workshops are taught the most effective self-defense techniques such as prevention of being grabbed, choked and bear-hugged. As well as taught techniques for defensive striking. We place an emphasis on preparing women to be able to defend themselves under stress – eliminating the “shutting down and freezing” reaction.

Training will provide you with the awareness tools to identify and if need be to fend off would-be attackers. This workshop is conducted in a safe and secure environment and will empower you in your everyday life.


  • leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants, comfortable jeans or gym shorts
  • t-shirts with sleeves (long or short)
  • tennis shoes or sneakers
  • ponytail holders
  • bottled water provided


  • No tank tops or cutoffs. Please.
  • jewelry, watches, earrings or facial piercings (only smooth wedding bands or medical alert allowed)
  • crocks, sandals, slides, house shoes or other open-toe shoes
  • boots
  • pocket knives or firearms on person during training (we have lockers on-site, bring your own lock if needed)

Smoky Mountain Self-Defense is the official representative of (IKMA) Israeli Krav Maga Association in East Tennessee


  • Please list any medical conditions including allergies, limitations, and/or additional information.
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