Month: July 2015

SMSD 1 Year Anniversary Party

~ SMSD 1 Year Anniversary Party ~

On Saturday August 8th from 1-3pm we will celebrate our 1 year mark as a Reality Based Self-Defense School. Our actual anniversary date was June 1st, yet we were too busy building and launching new and improved programs to notice.
We encourage all current and past students to attend with family and friends to enjoy pizza, ice cream, and other goodies, along with some awesome fellowship and stories. I would personally invite anyone that played a major role in promoting, encouraging, and keeping me humble and anchored in my faith to make my dream a reality.
I will never forget those that prayed with me, and for me and my family. Please come see what the Power of Prayer can do and the Reality of Empowering others can achieve.
The school will be open during the party being held in the Community Room at Alnwick Community Center 2146 Big Springs Rd. Maryville, TN 37801. Information will be available for all our Courses and Seminars for anyone wanting to check us out for yourself of family….come join the Fun!!!

-Roy Shields, Founder SMSD

Women's Realistic Self-Defense Course

Starting July 20, 2015, we are proud to offer our Women’s Realistic Self-Defense course along with our Women’s Self-Defense Seminar. This $75.00, 6 week course, will help you to develop a realistic and effective skill set; as well as a mindset to identify, avoid, and neutralize a physically violent situation based on:

  • Learn now, use now concepts
  • Cover – Crash – Counter Attack Techniques
  • Adapting to all terrain and environmental conditions, especially in the dark.
  • Utilize easy pick-up and common carry items as weapons
  • Working in the “REAL” world, neutralizing multiple attackers
  • Effective regardless of size or strength

Womens Self Defense Class -- Smoky Mountain Self-Defense

  • No contracts • No Uniforms • No Hidden Costs
  • Limited to 15 participants per class ages 13 and up.
  • Seminar Participants will receive a $10.00 discount towards enrollment in the course.

Register today for our course beginning on July 20, 2015 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.