A NEW Home

Smoky-Mountain-Self-Defense, SMSD, 2422-E-Broadway-Ave-Maryville-TN-37804, new-location, 865-977-7837
Feeling Blessed and Highly Favored at SMSD
My staff and I are excited to announce that we are progressing on the renovations of our “New” school located at 2422 East Broadway Ave. (Eagleton Village) Maryville,TN. 37804.
We now have an Awesome landlord that’s onboard with our goals and mission to provide the services to our local community that we at SMSD have committed to. This new location is both Structurally and “Morally” sound…”Goodbye Crazy Town”!! We plan to be up and running soon, with our first class being on Mon. Oct. 19th with the continuation of the current 6 weeks Women’s Self-Defense course, all other classes will resume as currently scheduled.
Thank you to all the motivated supporters that made this needed move possible, and to all the future ones forthcoming. At SMSD we are family, and where the family goes, we all go together. One month ago, I announced during a Community Awareness Meeting that our Family at SMSD would be gathering up our people and belongings and walking out the front door in 30 days based on nothing more, or less than Faith…Faith Alone. We had no idea where we were going except back outdoors where we started 4 years ago…yet we were going together. Obedient and Anchored, Thank You God, From “All” of us that represent Smoky Mountain Self-Defense.
Any local business owner or individual(s) that would like to become a Business Sponsor or Scholarship Provider, please contact or visit us at 865.977.7837 or smokymountainselfdefense.com
Roy “Hoot” Shields, Founder
Smoky Mountain Self-Defense