Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from Martial Arts?
Here there is no nonsense, no katas or rituals. We utilize mechanics based on natural instinctive movements that are easily understood and doesn’t take several years of practice to be able to use effectively under stress. Our reality-based systems are designed to teach real self-defense and build functional abilities in a short time frame.
What if I’m not in the greatest physical shape right now?
Don’t worry about it, our mechanics are designed to teach practically anyone how to defend themselves. No one should avoid learning how to defend themselves just because they aren’t an athlete. Our courses are designed to increase your power, endurance, speed, awareness and  self-confidence.
Do you have tournaments?
No, we do not participate in or host tournaments since learning to defend yourself is an individualized task, not a competition.
Do you have a ranking system?
Yes, but not what your probably accustomed to. We use a unique system to track our students’ progress. You can see more about this on our Courses page.
Do you wear uniforms?
No, we wear sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts instead, you know…like the clothes you “normally” wear on the street. And speaking of t-shirts , we have some really cool ones available for our students.
Is sparring part of your program?
No, however we do conduct realistic scenarios and training drills that promote effective responses to real world situations while respecting our training partners. At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense, we teach self-defense, not a sport competition.
How can I ask a question?
Visit our location at 2642 US Hwy. 411 South
Maryville, TN 37801
or give us a call (865) 977-7837.