Roy Shields– founder of Smoky Mountain Self-Defense

DSC_1130-finalGreetings,  This is my story in short …. 
During my life thus far I’ve  had many blessings bestowed upon me by way of adventures and opportunities, many of which included 30 plus years of study and application of traditional and non-traditional Martial Art styles and Self-Defense systems. The majority of these studies were accumulated while serving and traveling within the U.S. Military and Federal Services, while others were pursued after my retirement in the late 90’s. During my travels here in the states as well as abroad,  I’ve had the honor and privilege to study under some of the most recognized and accredited teachers of the last century.   I have numerous rank certificates, appointments and awards, as well as pictures depicting myself posed with my former instructors, training partners, and seminar hosts proudly displayed on the wall in my office, to remind me of the hard work and dedication that was put forth. However, I’m not going to waste your time by itemizing my history and boasting my linage as of yesterday. Respect is given to the un-expectant .
“I’m not re-inventing the wheel here… just changing the grease on the axle”.
Roy “Hoot” Shields
Founder of Smoky Mountain Self-Defense