Anti-Bullying • Awareness

Smoky Mountain Self-Defense
At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense, we are proud to announce our Anti-Bullying and Anti-Abduction series for Kids and Teens!

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  1. Melissa on

    Hey Roy, just wantn to touch base with you on holding classes at blount county schools like we talked about at the end of school. To start go to the Blount County Schools Central office which is inside the old school across from Grand view Cemetery and they hook you up! Be ready for a short presentation and to leave them with a bit of literature. Hope you all are having a great summer!!! Good luck & God Bless!! Message me on Facebook & let me know how it works out or if I can do anything to help!!! P.S. Offer not only classes for kids at our schools but for all employees (even their families)at each location, I think there are 21 schools in the Blount County School District. I would gladly attend one, you can also use me as a reference.
    Keep Jesus in your heart & doing what you love, Missy Devine


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