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Register Now!!! Upcoming "No More Victims" Women's Self-Defense Seminar – Nov 7

We still have slots available for our upcoming “No More Victims” Women’s Self-Defense Seminar on Saturday Nov. 7th. This seminar is offered to females ages 13-Up, and the cost is 35.00 ea. We will be conducting another Seminar on Saturday Dec. 19th, which will be the last seminar for this year before the 2016 price increase. Go to our website and Pre-Reg./Pay now via PayPal @
Also, our next 6 week Women’s Course will start on Monday Nov. 9th, and run thru Monday Dec. 14th, both Day and Evening classes with the cost being 75.00 per student… subject to 2016 increase as well. Please take advantage of these opportunities now by Pre-Reg./Pay now. Hope to see you for Empowerment soon !!
Roy Shields
-SMSD Founder

A NEW Home

Smoky-Mountain-Self-Defense, SMSD, 2422-E-Broadway-Ave-Maryville-TN-37804, new-location, 865-977-7837
Feeling Blessed and Highly Favored at SMSD
My staff and I are excited to announce that we are progressing on the renovations of our “New” school located at 2422 East Broadway Ave. (Eagleton Village) Maryville,TN. 37804.
We now have an Awesome landlord that’s onboard with our goals and mission to provide the services to our local community that we at SMSD have committed to. This new location is both Structurally and “Morally” sound…”Goodbye Crazy Town”!! We plan to be up and running soon, with our first class being on Mon. Oct. 19th with the continuation of the current 6 weeks Women’s Self-Defense course, all other classes will resume as currently scheduled.
Thank you to all the motivated supporters that made this needed move possible, and to all the future ones forthcoming. At SMSD we are family, and where the family goes, we all go together. One month ago, I announced during a Community Awareness Meeting that our Family at SMSD would be gathering up our people and belongings and walking out the front door in 30 days based on nothing more, or less than Faith…Faith Alone. We had no idea where we were going except back outdoors where we started 4 years ago…yet we were going together. Obedient and Anchored, Thank You God, From “All” of us that represent Smoky Mountain Self-Defense.
Any local business owner or individual(s) that would like to become a Business Sponsor or Scholarship Provider, please contact or visit us at 865.977.7837 or
Roy “Hoot” Shields, Founder
Smoky Mountain Self-Defense

We are Open!!

open-for-business, SMSD, Smoky-Mountain-Self-Defense, 2422-E-Broadway-Ave-Maryville-TN 37804
SMSD is Officially Up and Running at our “New” location at 2422 East Broadway Ave. (Eagleton Village) Maryville, TN. 37804. I’d like to personally thank all those that made this next evolution of SMSD possible by way of donations, labors, loyalties and prayers.
We the “Staff” at SMSD would encourage all Former and Current students to resume their regularly scheduled classes listed below. Also, we invite all females (ages 13-Up) to attend our upcoming Women’s “No More Victims” Seminars and 6 week Course before the end of the year.
Seminar Dates: Sat. Nov. 7th and Sat. Dec. 19th (Both Seminars are from 10a-3p). Next 6 Week Course: Nov. 9th thru Dec.14th
(6 consecutive Monday mornings or nights) Day Class 10a-11:30a Night Class 7p-8:30p.
All Women’s Seminars and 6 Week Courses can be pre-registered and Pre-Paid online via PayPal on our website at
Please visit, share and “Contribute” to our No More Victims Foundation No More Victims 501(c)3, any and all contributions will help get this needed program in place in our community. Please stop by and visit our new school….Have a Blessed Day !! smile emoticon
– Roy “Hoot” Shields, SMSD Founder
Monday: Women’s 6 week course Day 10a-11:30a
Night 7p- 8:30p
Tuesday: Kids (7-12) 7p-8p
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Teens (13-17) and Adults (18-Up) 7p-8:30p
Saturday : Scheduled Seminars and Special Training
Sunday: Closed

1000th "Like" Achieved!!

Smoky-Mountain-Self-Defense, 2422-E-Broadway-Ave-Maryville-TN, new-location
SMSD received our 1000th “Like” on our Facebook Business page yesterday. Not too bad for a one year page of Organic Likes, as in “non-paid for Boosts”. Word of Mouth Referrals and Face to Face Contact goes a long way in this town smile emoticon Looking forward to seeing new faces at our new location, thank you for your continued support….stay tuned.

Wow…What a Meeting!!

To all that took the time to attend the Community Awareness Meeting Monday, September 21st, 2015, evening at SMSD, we the staff offer our most humble appreciation. From the moment of the Pledge of Allegiance led by our Boy Scout representative and student Gage Cylc, through heart felt testimonies of staff members, parents, students and spouses, all the way to hearing the first hand accounts of the horrific and violent events that led to the deaths of Channon Christian and Chris Newson given by Gary and Deena Christian (parents of Channon)…we were “United” as a Community. It’s hard to describe the spiritual connection that was felt by all who attended as we openly discussed without shame our pasts that led us to this meeting and the need in our community for the programs offered at Smoky Mountain Self-Defense. I am very proud of our community and its leadership, as well as the local business owners and people in positions to make a difference that have committed to Step Up and take Responsibility while doing the right thing… while securing the future of our school so we may continue to serve those we are yet to Empower. We at SMSD are excited to continue our journey with your support.  “No More Victims”
Thank you, Roy “Hoot” Shields
Founder, Smoky Mountain Self-Defense

Smoky Mountain Self-Defense featured in the Maryville Alcoa Daily Times

Please note the following is an original article from the Maryville Alcoa Daily Times viewed here.
Roy Shields with Smoky Mountain Self-Defense Talks About Programs
Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2015 12:00 am
By: Mike Gibson
Though it may have some of the trappings of a martial arts school, Roy Shields says his Smoky Mountain Self Defense organization is, in truth, “a school of self-empowerment.”
“This is about not being a victim ever again,” Shields said at a Monday meeting hosted by SMSD at Alnwick Community Center. The meeting saw Shields announce an ambitious plan to turn his school into a nonprofit outreach, teaching self-defense skills and strategies to people who are especially vulnerable to violence and crime.
His goal, he said, was to create a practical, accessible self-defense system, with a special eye toward helping vulnerable populations — women, children and teens.
Now SMSD is faced with the loss of its home and other challenges, and Shields is pitching a novel idea. He wants to turn Smoky Mountain Self Defense into a nonprofit organization, and solicit community partnerships in order to make classes even more available, and affordable, to the people he is seeking to help.
Shields introduced these ideas at Monday’s meeting, which drew more than 80 people, including Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell and guest speakers Gary and Deena Christian. The Christians are the parents of Channon Christian, a young Knoxville woman who was brutally raped and murdered, along with boyfriend Chris Newsom, after a carjacking incident in 2007.
It was a powerful gathering, with community members crowded into the dusty, cluttered room where SMSD classes are held, listening to Shields and his six assistants tell harrowing personal stories of how they overcame fear, violence and sexual abuse.
“I’m Roy Shields, and I have a past,” Shields said, explaining the open-arms policy of SMSD. “Here, everybody has a past.
“This is a ministry,” Shields continued. “It’s an outreach. We’re sharing our lives, and we want you to share in what we do — empowering others, helping the broken, helping people who feel they have no worth.”
Shields is no stranger to making-do under difficult circumstances. He related that early SMSD classes were held outdoors, for lack of a permanent facility. Then he found a home for the school at Alnwick Community Center, where SMSD has existed for the past few years.
Now, due to deteriorating conditions at the aging facility, Shields said SMSD will have to leave. “On Oct. 14, I’m gathering up my people, and we’re walking out that door,” he said.
To ensure the future of the organization, Shields said he is planning to create a 501(3)c nonprofit with Smoky Mountain Self Defense. He’s also seeking business and community sponsorships, whereby participants will receive SMSD banners.
He said he is also working to make his self-defense classes even more affordable. Right now, courses cost between $30 and $55 monthly, with some discounts available.
Toward that end, he’s trying to implement a scholarship program, whereby local organizations can sponsor needy children who wish to take classes at SMSD.
“In a month, we don’t have a home to go to,” Shields said. “But we are not going to let this die.”
For more info on Smoky Mountain Self Defense and its programs, visit, or call 865-977-7837.

SMSD 1 Year Party Update

Notice to All !!
The SMSD 1 Year Anniversary Party location has been switched to Mr. Gatti’s Pizza (1616 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37801) at Corner Stone in West Maryville this coming Saturday, August 8, 2015 instead of being held at the Community Center as earlier planned.
Also the time will be from 2-3:30pm instead of 1-3pm. I will pay for all the kid’s and teen students 14 and under which includes buffet, drinks, and 5.00 game card. Please pass this change along to all who might not see this posting.
Sorry for the change, yet this was a decision of my own. Again, all who have attended, participated and contributed to SMSD please attend our celebration! Please try to show up by 2:00pm sharp so we can get a head count! We’ll be in the Big Glassed-In Room.
Mr. Shields