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Women’s Self-Defense Seminar 10-7-17

So proud of these EMPOWERED ladies today!
Kristien Scott, Emily Abell, Tracy Tisdale, Jennifer Creasy, Jessica Creasy
Renee Raub, Heavenly Harris, Tabitha Johnson, Olivia Abell, Kelly Abell, Sandy Creasy
Matt Franklin – Assistant Instructor, Roy Shields – Head Instructor, Judy Hermsdorfer – Training Assistant

Leaving for Campus College Self-Defense Seminar 8-2-17

We are so proud of our students, better prepared to leave for campus the first time!
Front: Hope Waite, Martha Filipkowski, Becca Waite, Megan Schnupp, Carol Blankenship, Katelyn Filipkowski, and Caroline Waite
Back: Nancy Feezell, Matt Franklin, Roy Shields – Head Instructor, Zach Hitchcock, Judy Hermsdorfer
So proud of these empowered ladies! Join the empowerment! Schedule your workshop call us 865.977.7837 today!

Women's Self-Defense Seminar 5-6-17

So proud of these EMPOWERED ladies today!
Leslie Woodall, Sharon Hatch, Gretchen Kiersz, Julia Cecere, Dianne Liles
Matthew Franklin-Assistant Instructor, Jess Self-Training Assistant, Judy Hermsdorfer, Roy Shields-Head Instructor
Join in the empowerment at the next seminar Saturday July 29, 2017 from 10am-5pm! Register today!

Give Her the Gift of Empowerment!

Give HER the gift that could save HER life! Give your loved one a day of courage, confidence, and empowerment, at our Women’s Self-Defense seminar. The seminar will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 10am-5pm at Smoky Mountain Self-Defense, 2422 East Broadway Ave., Maryville. Register today!

Shepherd's R.C. One Day Self-Defense Seminar 4-15-17

So proud of these ladies of the Shepherd’s R.C. today!
Front: Karen Kimsey, Beth Myers, Christine Valentino, Amber Williams, Kay Mann, Gail Nipper
Back: Matt Franklin – Assistant Instructor, Judy Hermsdofer, Katelyn Kimsey, Kennedi Holbert, Cheryl Tipton, Angie Hoolbert, Roy Shields – Head Instructor

PIBET 1-Day Self-Defense Seminar

We are very proud of our PIBET (Partners in Business East Tennessee ) 1-Day Self-Defense Seminar .
Front: Carolyn Westbrook, Keith Edmonds, James Westbrook, Johnathan Stocking, Katy Edmonds
Middle: Charlotte Chance, Brandleigh Stocking, Candice Collins, Skylar Williams, Katy Edmonds
Back: Judy Hermsdorfer, Matt Franklin, Zach Hitchcock, Roy Shields-Head Instructor
If you are inspired by this group contact us today to schedule your seminar for ANY group. Smoky Mountain Self-Defense 865.977.7837 • 2422 E. Broadway Ave Maryville, TN

Women's Self-Defense Seminar 2-11-17

Women's Self-Defense Seminar 2-11-17
Smoky Mountain Self-Defense Women’s Self-Defense Seminar Saturday, February 11, 2017 at our 2422 East Broadway Ave. Maryville, TN 37804 location.
Congratulations to our empowered attendees!
Front row: Krystalee Bailey, Jillian Calloway, Cindy Calloway, Kate Clabough, Angela Lafond, Rindi Martin, Amy Gregory
Second row: Carol Owenby, Stacey Hepperly, Amy Cutler, Eileen Bowman, Morgan Beaudette, Faye Beaudette, Debbie Green, Emily Jennings
Back row: Matt Franklin Assistant Instructor, Nancy Feezell, Amber Ebel, Connie Hepperly, Mariah Lafond, Brenda Benidict, Judy Hermsdorfer, Roy Shields Head Instructor
If you would like to join this group of empowered ladies join us for our next Women’s Self-Defense seminar on Saturday  May 6, 2017.

Be Prepared Girl Scout and Mom Seminar

So proud of these Scouts and Scouters today!
Front Row: Morgan Wilson, Sammi Woodfin, Ellie Johnson, Frannie Gallegos, and Sophia Diorio
Middle Row: Michelle Woodfin, Lou Campbell, Carmen Solt, Elizabeth Campbell, Marva Solt, and Jennifer Wilson
Back Row: Zacque Hitchcock, Jessica King, Nancy Feezell, Judy Hermsdorfer, and Roy Shields