Adults (18 and up)

What does this program include?

Our Adult Self-Defense program addresses the most common and realistic threats that confront us in our urban environments. Whether professional , working class, homemaker, single parent or student, we all face the same potential  violence when we step out of our “Comfort Zones”. At the end of the day all we want to do is get home safely and unharmed, especially if we have families that love and depend on us. At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense we offer a no-nonsense non-theory response to the threats that are ever present in the Real World.

Weapons Training

We live in a weapon-centric culture, so we must train and understand these variables or we will get beat by them.  In the street, expect your attackers to be armed. Therefore we must develop the needed mindset and skill set needed to get home safely. At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense we take a straight forward approach at teaching a simple and effective defense against the “Classic Three”, being Stick, Knife, or Gun, as well as a working application of the same.

Low Light Training

Most attacks occur in less than ideal lighting, as well as possible unfamiliar surroundings. We must be capable  and confident to function in these types of environments, as well as all types of terrain . Knowing what to do in these situations builds confidence in our ability to deal with anything life would throw at us.

Urban Everyday Carry and Improvised Weapons 

EDCs are things you have on your person and can use at a moments notice. Our students will learn to use tools such as backpacks, pens, keys, cellphones, etc. and do so under stress conditions. Students will also learn to identify and utilize common “pickup” items to use as Improvise Weapons.  The student will come to realize that there is little difference between properly applied unarmed mechanics and using these urban tools. This realization opens up new and amazing possibilities for discovery and investigation.

In this course, adults will:

  • Learn to defend against armed multiple attackers
  • Learn to identify threats and dangerous situations
  • Learn to protect others and exit situations with them
  • Learn deescalating verbal and body language techniques
  • Develop a confident and “Hard Target” posture and demeanor
  • Develop anti-grappling skills
  • Develop a “No More Victims” mindset