Teens (13-17 years old)

Now is time to give our teens the skills and support they need for dealing with the “Real World” threats that are somewhat unique to their age group. At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense we have an easy to learn and effective system designed to give them the right physical and mental tools to address such matters.
Some of the material covered in the Teen program is the same as in our Kids program, such as anti-bullying, anti-abduction, situational awareness. As their minds and bodies develop we want to stimulate and engage their mental and physical skills at a higher level.
The truth of the matter is this , “No matter how hard we try to be and want to be, we’re Not Always going to be there to protect them”.
At Smoky Mountain Self-Defense we strive to provide our teens with the skills and confidence necessary to instill our “No More Victims” mindset while offering their parents a little peace of mind.
In this course, your teenager will:

  • Learn to physically defend him or herself
  • Learn how to handle bullies
  • Learn how to identify and/or escape kidnapping and other adverse situations safely
  • Learn self-awareness of their environment
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase motor skills and balance
  • Verbally deescalate situations
  • Gain respect and skills they can draw on for life
  • Cover Anti-Grappling and Multi-Attackers

We encourage parents to attend and participate during your teens class as a training partner or as a student yourself. We offer special tuition discounts to multiple students from the same family or household. The more you practice the material coved in class at home with your teen , the more apt they are to apply it in the “Real World” as a natural reaction without hesitation.
“The Family that trains together, survives together”.