SMSD is excited to announce the addition of our New Fencing Program for kids, teens, and adults, as well as Coach Patrick Luna to our staff.

Cost per student is $120 - 12 sessions; with an additional equipment cost of $160 (average- depending on size). Equipment can be purchased through Coach Luna at 20% discount or give recommendations to outside sources (your choice, but students will be required to have their own equipment to participate in the program.)

Meet Coach Luna

Patrick Luna and his wife, author Dr Terri Lyon, have two adult boys, two dogs, and two and a half cats. Pat is a retired public school teacher. He competed in fencing at San Jose State University under Olympic coach Michael D’Asaro. Coach Luna has taught Fencing to all age groups for many years and is excited to grow the interest in our community through SMSD.

Class times are scheduled for:

Kids (ages 7-12): Tuesdays 1 - 2:30pm
Teens & Adults: Sundays 3 - 5pm
$120.00 - 12 Sessions (1.5 hr.)
$15.00 - Drop-Ins

For more Information

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