Realtor Workshop

To pre-register for our Realtor Self-Defense Workshop:
Saturday October 28, 2017
10 am – 5 pm
Blount Partnership
201 S Washington St
Maryville, Tennessee
(865) 977-7837

  • Fill out the electronic registration form below.
  • Prepay for the Seminar via PayPal for $60.00 an individual or $40.00 each for two or more from the same agency
  • Walk-in registration is $80.00 per person.
  • Please no Tank Tops, Cut-Offs, Watches, or Jewelry as it can cause harm to yourself or others in the course.
  • Please wear tennis shoes.

Join us for a day of Empowerment at our Realtor Self-Defense Workshop as we address realistic situations with a hands-on approach. Learn techniques that work in a variety of situations including low-light or no-light areas. We also train to develop skills to heighten awareness and demonstrate no matter what your athletic ability or physical build, you can defend yourself from larger and stronger attackers. 
This workshop runs from 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday, October 28, 2017, consisting of two and a half hours of training, a one hour lunch break, and two and a half hours of training.
Please, allow a minimum of seven hours total in your day when registering for the seminar.
The lunch menu is listed below, provided by Firehouse Subs. Please list your meat selection in the additional comments section of the form below:

Food accommodations Provided by:

Marc Smitherman

6” ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich
Chips (variety provided)
Pickle spear
Cookie (variety provided)
Fresh garden condiments, chesses, and dressings will be provided on the side.
Bottled Water or Sodas (variety provided)
To complete your pre-registration, please fill out the form with payment below.